Learn a Proven and Simple Approach

To Skyrocket Your Win Rate and Diminish Your Losses Immensly

Struggling with losses? It's actually quite simple how you can transform your trading and become Consistently Profitable. With the solid system and education that i provide about the Forex market, You can see amazing results espacially if you already have some basic trading knowledge. 

My teachings will cover everything you need to know to trade very successfully in 2023

The Fx220 Method is a simple and complete systematic approach that covers all aspects of trading. And that shows you EXACTLY what to look for and what to do step by step from:

  • Identifying The Valid Trading Setups

  • Taking The Most Accurate Ideal Entries

  • To Hitting The Take Profits And Exitting Your Trades.

  • All of that will result in great account growth and consistent Profits/Withdrawals which are our end goal!

What's The Course Content?

This is what you are going to learn to become profitable

  • 1
    The Foundation: Technical Analysis
    • Technical Analysis (Top Down Analysis and Major Key Levels)
  • 2
    The Foundation: Technical Analysis (Part 2)
    • Technical Analysis (Trend Lines, Trend Direction, Fib levels)
  • 3
    Up or Down? Trend Direction and Market Cycles
    • Understanding Market Cycle and Trend Direction
    • Market Maker Cycles and Elliott Waves Examples
  • 4
    The System: The Fx220 Strategy
    • The Strategy and System Explained and Simplified
  • 5
    Killer Entries: Highest Probability Setups
    • The Highest Probability Setups And The Best Times To Trade
  • 6
    Fundamental Analysis: News Releases and Market Makers
    • Explanation of News Releases and How The Market Makers Will Use Them
  • 7
    Consolidation: Trading it The PROPER Way
    • How To Trade Consolidations (Trading In Line with Market Makers and Banks)
  • 8
    High Win Rate: Entry Criteria and Checklist
    • Entry Criteria and Checklist (How to Minimize Losses and Have High Win Rate)
    • Entry Criteria and Checklist
  • 9
    Psychology and Mindset: Ultimate Lifetime Success
    • Trading Mindset and Psychology (Essential Rules For Ultimate Trading Success)
  • 10
    Bonus #1: Market Volatility
    • How to Utilize Market Volatility to Pick the Best Pairs and Setups to Trade
  • 11
    Bonus #2: Currency Correlation
    • How To Utilize Currency Correlation to Win All Your Trades (90-100% ITM)
  • 12
    Bonus #3: Mastering Candlestick Patterns
    • Mastering The BEST Candlestick Patterns - How to Read Candlestick Patterns Like a Pro
  • 13
    Bonus #4: Mastering Fibonacci Levels
    • Mastering Fibonacci Levels - Retracements and Extensions (COMPLETE GUIDE)
  • 14
    Bonus #5: Market Makers and News
    • How Market Makers Utilize the News To Make Traders Lose Money - And How To Avoid That!
  • 15
    Bonus #6: Support and Resistance Secrets
    • Support and Resistance Secrets: How to Draw The Most ACCURATE Key Levels (Step by Step Guide)
  • 16
    Bonus #7: Trade Examples
    • Trade Exmples with Entries and Exits
  • 17
    Bonus #8: Predicting The News Accurately
    • How to Predict Forex News Releases So Accurately Before They Happen (SECRET REVEALED)

How Does The 1 on 1 Mentoring Works?

  • Zoom/Skype Sessions

    We'll have an individual Zoom or Skype session to answer all your questions once you finish studying the Fx220 Full Forex Course.

  • Premium Direct Access

    You'll have direct access to me as your personal mentor across all platforms (Facebook, Email, Skype, Instagram, etc...) For continuous guidance and consulting.

  • Unlimited Lifetime Support

    Where you can ask unlimited amount of questions everyday and get fast responses from me personally for LIFETIME!

Testimonials and Results:

The students who went through the program have transformed drastically from complete beginner unprofitable traders without any trading system or solid knowledge, To accomplished profitable traders in a short period of time. They absolutely loved the training program and all the reviews were 5 stars!

Damir Buljat

5 stars!

Damir Buljat

If you were hoping to find a system and strategy to successfully trade than you are in luck. Take it from someone who's been there and done that. This strategy is so easy that a monkey on a stick could learn it and do it. I really mean it! You can stop looking for a holy grail of trading cause you just found it.
Daniel Chambers

98% Win Rate

Daniel Chambers

My trades went from 95% lose to 98% win, well actually if I didn't make some trades which went against the strategy completely it would be 100%. Great Strategy to use, I've made around 500 points in 4 weeks. Brilliant stuff thanks FX220!
Denika Randle

5 Stars

Denika Randle

If you are thinking about taking the FX220 course do it! I was hesitant at first, but from watching his YouTube videos I liked his style of teaching and the seemingly simple strategy that he was using to be profitable trading in the markets. So I took the chance and bought the course. It was the best decision I ever made. The strategy is setup to change your life, only if you are patient and disciplined to follow it. AND on top of creating such an amazing course he provides A+ support! Always gets back to you in a reasonable time and is always willing to help. I give my 💯% recommendation! Thank you Oussama!
Jamie Cheung

Gold strategy!

Jamie Cheung

I just joined a few weeks ago and I have already had 8 winning trades in a row! This strategy is gold, easy to understand and to follow, especially for traders who struggle to hold their trades because of confidence, like me before. Not only will you get a great course but also a mentor who will take time to answer all your questions and help you with your progess. I can only recommend, investing in knowlegde and in yourself is always the best investment you can do.
Juan Carlos Morla

95% + wins, Thanks Coach!!!!

Juan Carlos Morla

After trading for almost a year. I’m finally having 95% + wins. Thanks to FX 220 for your mentorship. Always available when you have a question and when you need him. Great way to teach and straight to the point. Thanks Coach!!!!
Paul Shields

Massive THANKS

Paul Shields

I have been trading for approx 5-8 years, have taken many courses and mentorships, but this simple, clear and extremely well presented course is BY FAR THE BEST I have seen!! He covers everything required to be successful (If you are willing to put in some work). His after-sales support is First Class!! If anyone here is "on-the-fence" or unsure I can't recommend his course highly enough. I came looking to increase my profit ratio and stop over-trading and within a few weeks the transformation in my trading is awesome. Massive THANKS for all his time effort and patience in helping me get closer to being consistently profitable.
Hatala Raditya

Amazing course.

Hatala Raditya

An awesome and patient mentor who knows his craft well. He is very quick to respond to my queries and doubts and clarifies them almost instantly. He is very patient, passionate about what he is doing and do not mind going the extra mile for you. I have taken such courses in the past but did not benefit much. This is an amazing course for those who are serious about this.
Paweł Czyżyński

5 Stars

Paweł Czyżyński

i'm winning more trades now since i'm following this system. if you are fed up of going it alone in forex and getting it wrong, you couldn't wish for a better instructor than fx220. his videos have helped me alot picking entries on the right side of the market with minimal drawdowns. five out of five stars 💯
Dimitri Pesin

90% accuracy!

Dimitri Pesin

Since starting with the FX220 way of picking trades, I'm nearing 90% accuracy now. And the other 10% were actually my errors... So this stuff works, and it's straightforward to apply with a criteria checklist. I came to FX220 with trading experience, but this method of hand-picking the very best trades and putting everything together has changed my outlook and changed my results for the better. You also get a great patient guy as your teacher who's always on-hand to help and guide you. Thank you!
 Terry Nendza

Full five stars

Terry Nendza

The strategy is well thought out , rules based (no guesswork) The course struck a chord with me , I give it a full five star review.

What's in it for you?

To be honest, Plenty.

You'll get Lifetime mentoring and support + Lifetime access to the video course and learning material + Lifetime access to our Private Facebook group for trade discussions and opportunties. And join over 450 fellow successful traders that are trading the Fx220 method!

Meet Oussama, Head Trader and Mentor at Fx220

Favourite quote: "You were born with wings, Why prefer to crawl through life?"

  • Oussama Amara

    Expert Forex Trader/Mentor and Founder Of Fx220

    Oussama Amara

    Oussama is an Expert Forex Trader and Mentor. Who was introduced to the Forex industry since a very young age and was trained professionally by a Professional Institutional Trader with over 20 years of experience! Equiped with Solid knowledge about Market Behavior/Psychology and Market Maker Secrets, Both Technical and Fundamental analysis on Larger/Smaller timeframes. And have transformed over 450 students and thousands of followers into Phenomenal Profitable Traders with his highly effective and proven methods.
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Answers to all your questions

  • What's required to get started?

    Only basic Forex terminology and a desire to learn are required!

  • Will i really get results in 2023?

    A 100%. To be completely honest with you. When applied correctly, It does become VERY difficult to lose trades with this method. I say it confidently because a lot of a new traders have reached a very high win rate (90%+) for the first time of their lives after going through the program.

  • What sessions does this method works best on?

    It works on all trading sessions, We get trading opportunities in all market sessions (European, New York, and Asian sessions)

  • How many trading opportunities and setups will i get with this method?

    Depends on the volatility of the market, We usually get from 2-12 valid setups per week. Which is largely enough to catch a high number of pips and make significant weekly/monthly returns! Each trade goes for 20 to 60 pips (As safe targets, But most trades go for more if you want to swing trade).

  • I have a day job, Can i trade this method?

    Absolutely! We only trade during spefic timings during the day when the volume tends to be high and opportunities tend to appear. Which means that you don't have to be in front of the charts all day long because you can trade one or two of the three major sessions depends on your schedule. A few winning trades per week will be more than enough to make significant returns from your trading.

  • Do you share your trades with students?

    Sometimes i share opportunities personally with my students or i make a video about them. But it's not really necessary because everyone who joins learns exactly how to determine the setups and trade them successfully. It's pretty simple to recognize a setup and take it following our criteria and checklist. In fact my students share their opportunities with me all the time!

  • Can i trade this method on MT4?

    Absolutely! You can trade the Fx220 method on any platform of your choice! I'll be providing any indicators if needed.